Eyelet Curtains Explained

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When you choose new curtains for your room, you will have a variety of different decisions to make. You will need to select a fabric, colour, style and perhaps even pick a pattern or print. You will also want to think about selecting the right header for your curtain. One of the most popular curtain headers that we offer is the eyelet design. Eyelet curtains are a contemporary header option that will look perfect in any room within your home.

What Are Eyelet Curtains?

Eyelet curtains get their name because they have large metal rings within the curtain material rather than the typical curtain header. As such, the curtains are hung directly on the pole. This type of design means that the curtains have softer pleats and as such, fold far more naturally without creating creases in the curtain.

Eyelet curtains are part of a contemporary curtain style. If you want your room to look modern and visually pleasing, this is the perfect choice. Any curtain style can look absolutely stunning with an eyelet header.

eyelet curtains

Awesome Advantages

Aside from fewer creases one of the best advantages of eyelet curtains is that they require less material to make. As such, they can be purchased for cheaper costs compared to curtains that use the more traditional types of header. The curtain doesn’t need to be gathered in the same way as other styles.

eyelet curtains

Suitable For?

Eyelet curtains are suitable for a wide range of windows in your home. But they must be able to fit right onto the pole. As such, eyelet curtains will not be suitable on valances, curtain tracks or bay windows. They must hang straight down from the pole. That said, you can still get eyelet curtains with a wide range of different fabrics, colours, and styles.

You can have a look at the full range of these curtains on our site. Matched with a contemporary fabric choice, these curtain headings can bring a room into the modern age. You will often see eyelet curtains being used in open homes, show houses and interior decor magazines. They are particularly popular this season, and you can get this type of heading with our new spring and summer fabrics.

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Measured To Match

When purchasing eyelet curtains, make sure you do get the right measurements. You must remember that these are different from the typical designs you might be accustomed to. As such, you may want to contact us so that we can recommend the right length based on your window before committing to a purchase. With the right measurements, eyelet curtains can be the perfect fresh feature for your room.

Alternatively, if you want a curtain with a vintage design, you may wish to opt for a pencil pleat heading. This traditional heading is perfect if you need a curtain to suit the full variety of different poles and tracks. They will still look stunning and come with a broad selection of styles and fabrics.

eyelet curtains

You can peruse our full selection of curtain headings on the store webpage today.