Made to Measure Curtains: Expectations vs. Reality

By Montgomery made to measure curtains, curtain fabric

If you’re thinking about getting some made to measure curtains for your home during the next few months; you might wonder about the process and the type of products you can purchase. With that in mind, this article should help to set the record straight and ensure you understand the reality of the situation. Hopefully, that should stop you from expecting too much and feeling disappointed. However, the information below should also have the opposite effect. If you don’t expect made to measure curtains to improve your interior design beyond all recognition - you’re in for a real treat.

Expectation: Made to measure curtains will never fit my windows correctly

Lots of people shy away from made to measure curtains because they think the items will never fit their windows correctly. Homeowners worry that made to measure curtains are more expensive than the traditional option but they don’t make a room appear any different. That is either because the individuals have no experience with that type of product, or they’ve got some bad information from somewhere.

Reality: The curtains use measurements you provide

In reality, companies that provide made to measure curtains will create the items based on the measurements their customers take and deliver. So, the only situation in which the curtains wouldn’t fit the window correctly is when the homeowners supply incorrect measurements. If you have any concerns about measuring the size of your windows, just contact a dedicated curtain retailer and ask for some tips and advice. We also provide a measuring service whereby someone will come out and take measurements at your home - call 0330 660 0817 for more information.

Expectation: Made to measure curtains only come in a few styles

Made to measure curtains are a fantastic addition to your home, but lots of people think they just come in a few different styles. Homeowners often say they stay away from made to measure items because they will never get the same amount of choice as they would with the traditional solution.

Reality: The curtains come in every style imaginable

Contrary to popular belief, most made to measure curtain specialists provide a plethora of different styles and designs to suit every taste and interior design theme. When all’s said and done, those companies want to satisfy as many consumers as possible. So, it’s in their interests to provide you with a range of different options.

Expectation: Made to measure curtains won’t last long

There is a misconception out there that made to measure curtains will not stand the test of time. That is probably because people who made their curtains years ago discovered they would deteriorate faster than mass-produced items purchased from their local home store. The same is not true when it comes to buying modern made to measure curtains from specialists with an excellent track record.

Reality: The curtains use some of the most robust and long-lasting materials

All modern made to measure curtains reach the highest of standards when it comes to durability. Specialists use some of the most advanced technology to ensure all their products come out at the right size and customers never have to worry about imperfections. If you’re ever unhappy about the quality of made to measure curtains; you should always send them back to the retailer because they probably made a mistake. Made to measure curtains should last as long, if not longer than the traditional option.

Expectation: Made to measure curtains will break the bank

We’ve overheard lots of people claim they shy away from made to measure curtains because the price is too high. Those folks say they’d rather spend the extra money on improving other areas of their homes instead of investing a significant amount of cash in made to measure designs.

Reality: The curtains are no more expensive than any other style

Sure, there are some retailers out there who might charge over the odds for their products. However, in most instances, made to measure curtains are no more expensive than the other regular items on the shelves.

Now you know about the differences between people’s expectations and the realities of buying made to measure curtains; you should feel a little more confident when getting a few pairs for your home. You have the same consumer rights as you do when buying any other products from retailers. So, if your curtains arrive in the wrong size after you send the right measurements; you can always send them back and ask for replacements.

See, there is no need to stress!