How to measure for curtains

By Montgomery measuring curtains, curtain poles

When you buy new curtains, you want them to be the perfect fit. They should hang correctly so that they don't pool on the floor or leave inches between the hem and the ground. Similarly, you don't want a gap between the curtain and the window sill if you choose shorter curtains. Before you order your curtains, you're going to need the correct measurements. Fortunately, measuring your windows for curtains isn't difficult. Once you know what you need and how to get it, it's easy to find the right measurements and get your curtains made. However, you do need to be accurate, so follow these steps to get it right.

Measuring the Width

The first thing you need is a width for your curtains. It's important that you don't measure the width of the window. It's the width of the curtain track or pole that you really need. That's what will hold the curtains and ensure that they cover your window. Your track or pole is usually wider than the width of the window. Usually, a measurement of between 15cm and 30cm on each side of the window is recommended. This allows space for the curtains to be pulled away from the window when you open them. Otherwise, they could continue to block the window, even if you tie them back.


Measuring the Length

When it comes to measuring the length of your curtains, you first have to take the heading into account. The heading is the way that you hang the curtains from either your curtain track or curtain pole. With a pencil heading, the material is gathered into pleats and curtain tape is used. Curtain hooks are attached so that the curtain can be hung from a curtain track or pole. With an eyelet heading, which can only be used on poles, the eyelets are within the top of the curtain. You need to take these options into account when you measure the length of your curtains. For a pencil heading, measure from the top of the track of the bottom of the ring for a pole. Measure from the top of the pole if you want to use an eyelet heading.

Your second factor to take into account is how long you want your curtains. You could choose to have them floor length, sill length, or below sill length. If you measure for floor length curtains, they should be 2.5cm above the floor. This ensures that they don't drag along the ground. Sill length curtains should be about 1cm above the window sill, while below sill length curtains should be 15cm below it. However, if there is a radiator under the window, make sure you leave a good 3cm gap.

Safe and Accurate Measuring

Remember to be safe when you measure your curtains. If you can't reach, use a sturdy step ladder to allow you to. For more accurate measuring, make sure you measure at multiple points along the curtain pole or track. The smallest measurement is the best one to use.

Follow these tips, and you'll be able to accurately measure your curtains. Accurate measurements will ensure the perfect finish on your curtains.