15 Questions You Might Be Afraid to Ask When Buying Curtains

By Montgomery Curtains, curtain fabrics, curtain advice, measuring curtains, made to measure curtains

Buying curtains may not seem like an overly scary thing to do, but it should be taken seriously. After all, you want to end up with a pair of curtains that fit in seamlessly with your decor, and are the perfect length to dress your windows.

However, you don’t want to sound or feel silly when purchasing your perfect pair! To help you, here are 15 questions you might be afraid to ask about buying curtains:


  1. Where Will These Curtains Fall?

Your curtains can fall anywhere you’d like them to, whether that is above the sill or to the floor. It depends on the style you’re going for - longer curtains can seem more luxurious. Never estimate it though, as you will end up with problems.


  1. Will These Curtains Match the Style Of My Room?

You need to make sure your curtains will match the style of your room, so explore different patterns, textures, and colours until you find the right set.


  1. Will These Curtains Fit My Budget?

Luckily, you can find curtains to fit any budget. You’ll find something whether you want to splurge on custom curtains or buy a readymade set.


  1. How Much Light Will These Curtains Let In?

Consider what the room is used for and how much sun control you’re going to need. Nobody wants bright sunlight in their eyes while they eat, for instance.


  1. Are These Good for Privacy or Decoration?

Consider whether your curtains are purely for privacy or decoration. This may depend on whether you live in the city or the country.


  1. What Fabric Is Best for Me?

There are a ton of different fabrics you can get your curtains in. Get textured for more interest, or purchase a thicker fabric for winter.  


  1. Washer Machine Friendly or Dry Clean Only?

Make sure you know whether your curtains are washer machine friendly or dry clean only. Knowing the difference will save time and money in the long run. Many people have ruined nice curtains by washing them themselves.


  1. How Will Small Children and Pets Be Affected?

Consider cordless shades or blinds if you have children, and consider the cleaning and the durability if you have both pets and children.


  1. Will These Preserve My View?

Some curtains will block your view, others will enhance it. Window film will allow you to keep the view open completely, while blocking harmful UV rays.


  1. Do You Have Curtains for Speciality Windows?

If you have windows in unusual shapes like arches and triangles, it’s best to find out your options early on.


  1. What About Different Types of Windows In One Room?

You should be able to achieve a seamless transition in the same fabrics providing you get your measurements right.


  1. Will I Need Extra Insulation at The Window?

Older windows often allow heat to escape from a room, but you can reduce heat transfer with the right dressings. This will also help you to make it more comfortable and help you to save money.


  1. Statement or Something That Blends In?

Do you want your curtains to make a statement or blend in with a particular room?


  1. What is The Warranty?

There are a variety of warranties, depending on the price of your curtains and where you purchase them. Read the small print!  


  1. How Long Do I Expect to Keep These Curtains?

If you plan on moving to a new house in the future, buying expensive statement curtains that suit your current decor may not be the best idea. Curtains can last for years if looked after.