10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need to Update Your Curtains & Blinds

By Montgomery Curtains, roman blinds

When was the last time you updated your curtains and blinds?

If your answer is: “I can’t really remember”, then don’t worry: you’re not alone. Many of us install curtains and/or blinds, then leave them in situ with little more thought. However, if you read on, you’ll soon realise that updating your curtains and blinds is a far more essential task than you may have realised…

#1 - Fashion changes

Styles change all the time, from season to season, and if your curtains and blinds are more than a couple of years old, then you may have fallen behind the current trends.

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#2 - Curtains and blinds are dust traps

As permanent fabric attachments to your home, curtains and blinds are constantly attracting fabric and lint. While you can wash and vacuum to prevent buildup, this level of cleaning will eventually take its toll on your items, and replacements will be due.

#3 - Your ideals might have changed

If you installed curtains years ago, you made a choice that reflected the you of that time. However, the you of right now might prefer blinds-- or vice versa. By making a switch, you can be sure that your decor reflects you as you are today.

#4 - Extra features

If your current curtains or blinds are rather long in the tooth, you may be missing out on useful modern features such as blackout, thermal, and soundproof technology. These features can, odd as it sounds, genuinely improve your life, so it’s well worth updating so you have the chance to try them.

#5 - A quick and easy way to change the look of a room

If you’re tired of your existing decor, then switching your curtains or blinds is the perfect solution. The room will instantly look revamped and fresh just from this one simple adjustment.

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#6 - Change for the season

Thick, preferably thermal blinds or curtains are perfect for winter; summer suits light, floaty window coverings that make the most of the natural daylight pouring through the window.

#7 - Blinds and curtains age quickly

Direct sunlight may be beneficial for your mood, but it can cause the material of blinds and curtains to fade faster than other fabrics in your home. When the colours are beginning to fade, it’s time for a change.

#8 - Changing curtains and blinds is simple

You don’t need to call in a handyman for the job or clear the room of furniture; changing your blinds and curtains is easy, effective, and will look fantastic thanks to only an hour of work.

#9 - New patterns and styles are available

It’s not just the technology in curtains and blinds that you may be missing out on; there’s new styles of blinds, curtain fabrics, and stunning designs that might not have been available when you last invested in new items.

#10 - Changing your curtains and blinds is inexpensive…

… especially when compared to how great a new set of curtains or blinds can look!


So why not try a switch and opt for new curtains and blinds, so you’re starting the new year with style?