12 Helpful Tips When Buying Blinds

By Montgomery roman blinds, blinds, curtain fabrics, voyage fabric

Blinds can easily transform your home, and have many benefits at the same time. Not only do they look great when you choose the right style, they can help to keep light out, maintain your privacy, and allow for some insulation in some cases.

If you’re looking to buy some quality blinds for your home, these 12 helpful tips should be of use to you:

  1. Think About Light and Privacy

    Light and privacy is a crucial consideration. Know whether you want a room to be airy or cosy. For example, you may want light in your kitchen and light kept out of your bedroom.
  2.  Know Your Budget

    Are you going to be dressing one window or the whole house? You may consider splurging on the most important windows and saving on others. Custom window treatments will cost more, as will those that you want to customise in terms of fabrics and patterns

  3.  Consider Cleaning And Maintenance

    Blinds can be cleaned at home, but you need to know how much time you’ll be spending on your blinds. Some are magnets for dust!  Know whether you want to splurge on professional cleaning and how much attention you want to pay to your blinds.

  4. The Style Of Your Home

    You need to consider your style and the style of your home. Formal or casual? Earthy or fun?roman blinds

  5. Consider The Safety Aspect

    If you have children and/or pets in your home, cordless blinds are the best option for peace of mind.

  6. Know Your Materials

    There are a range of materials to choose from; metal, vinyl, faux wood, and more.

  7. Know The Size Of The Windows You’re Covering

    Measure exactly where you want your blind or shade to be - inside or outside recess. You may want to call a representative of the site you choose to purchase from to ensure you have measured correctly. Getting your measurements spot on is crucial and will affect the finished look.

  8. Know The Differences Between Blinds

    Not only are there many different materials, there are many different types of blinds. Roman blinds, roller blinds, venetian blinds, and vertical blinds all have various pros and cons depending on what you need.

  9. Choose Made To Measure Blinds For An Impressive Look

    Made to measure blinds are more expensive but always bring an impressive look to your home.

  10. Choose Blinds That You Won’t Get Tired Of

    Make sure you choose blinds that you won’t get tired of. There’s nothing worse than spending a fortune on blinds and then the novelty wearing off!

  11. Know Whether To Match Or Not To Match

    Should you match your blinds to the colour scheme in a room, or select something neutral? Bear this in mind if you’re likely to redecorate during the life of your blinds.

  12. Get Expert Advice

    Buying blinds can be a minefield, and many people have ordered the wrong type and size. Get expert advice to help you save time and money!