7 Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade your Bedroom Now

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Picture this... You are likely to spend more time in your bedroom than in any other room in your house. Well, unless you binge-watch Netflix late-nights on a regular.

Moreover, the bedroom is the one room you turn to when you need some peace and time between the sheets to recoup your inspiration and zest for life.

To help you boost your bedroom in just hours or on the weekend, we’ll share 7 cheap ways to give your bedroom a makeover now.

  1. Shift some Things

Need to feel some change in the room?

You can shift your bed if you have space. For example, moving the bed to face the window for brilliant mornings thereafter is rejuvenating.

Or you can change the frames of your bedroom artwork, and if you do not have any art in there, why not introduce some floral made to measure curtains that reflect your personality.

Still, you can swipe your current nightstand for a more classic or modern stand. It is your bedroom, and you can change it however you feel like.  

  1. Splash Some Colour

Splashing a fresh coat of paint helps to boosts the bedroom’s personality and mood, and you can inexpensively do it in a weekend—perhaps a friend can help while you have fun at it.

Choosing a soothing bedroom colour scheme is a sensational way to add a relaxed, rejuvenating and renewing mood in there. You might want to keep the colour pattern simple or coordinated on all walls to avoid making the room too energetic for sleep sessions.

Also, try to paint the ceiling a paler version of the colour you use for the walls compared to the rest of the walls. Not only will you make it feel more resonated, but the ceiling will feel taller too adding a spacious quality. 

  1. Flush Out the Clutter

Having stacks of unused furniture and little hills of clothes you no longer wear wears you down both emotionally and spiritually, dragging down your need to relax and unwind in your bedroom. 

Kick the clutter out if you want to sleep deeply and wake up refreshed for the day ahead. Overcrowding your bedroom not only hinders proper cleaning and getting around, it weighs you down psychologically too.

One way to avoid tucking in too much stuff is to use multi-purpose items such as a delightful desk that also acts as a nightstand.

  1. Upgrade you windows

Updating your windows with new flowery fabric curtains is another way to upgrade your bedroom. Windows with floral design (more on floral fabrics here) not only bring beauty but also add a touch of colour and class that reflect your personality and lift your mood when sleeping.

Make a statement by choosing a colour scheme that reflects your personality when you’re decorating and upgrading your bedroom into a sensational environment.

  1. Get your Ideal Mattress

The biggest contributor to back and joint pain is a bad mattress. A bad mattress is any mattress that does not provide the right combination of comfort and support for your sleeping posture and habits.

By choosing to invest in the best mattress for you, you will afford to avoid sleep deprivation, which is a contributing cause for unwanted weight gain, chronic irritability, depression, and heart disease.

  1. Fit new Beddings

Similarly to painting a new colour, buying a new rug, curtains or nightstand, getting new beddings can help you achieve a stellar mood or a certain personality to pop in your bedroom.

Being the most intimate room you have, feel free to experiment with different ideas that make you happy. For example, you can swipe your current curtains for a pair that feels more luxurious, modern or classic, and more.

From the colour to the fabric softness and feel of your bedding choices, feel free to experiment and see samples from your local beddings store.

  1. Invest in an Ideal Pillow

An ideal pillow is no ordinary pillow.

Maybe you want a supportive yet plush pillow that helps keep your airwaves open during sleep so you can avoid snoring. Or you have sleep apnea and need a pillow to take care of you and the apparatus too.

Getting a cervical pillow, for example, will help you align your spine and upper body so you can enjoy more satisfying sleep, less neck and back pain, as well as curb unwarranted tosses and turns,  while asleep.

These 7 practical ideas to revamp your bedroom are inexpensive, quick to roll out, easy to do and shockingly satisfying. Why not try one or all and share your experience with us in the comments section below.


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Zach Davis is the lead editor of Sleep Holic. A website that provides honest information on a wide range of mattresses and sleep products as well as information for people looking for a better night’s sleep.