How to make your bedroom look beautiful

By Montgomery

If you’re tired of your old bedroom and want to make it all exciting and fill it with the right hues and colors to infuse some life into a bedroom makeover is in the cards.

These bedroom ideas can turn your boring bedroom to stylish that people drool over.

The bedroom is for rest


While you start hoarding your bedroom with pieces of furniture, beds and bags don’t forget that its prime occupation is to give you a place to sleep.

You don’t need a sitting area, 3 sofas facing each other, space for small office or even a king size or queen size bed.


Since the purpose is rest the bedroom needs to be as uncluttered as possible. And you don’t need much to create a coy, warm place where you can snuggle in and make your worries disappear. For better sleep it’s recommended that stimulating activities be kept out of the room, to get you inside a natural state of relaxation. You should remove all distractions like TV, mobile phone and work that can keep you distracted.

Use light colors- especially white

White colors are expansive. They make the room appear bigger. And it’s not just the paint we’re talking about. The sheets, the pillow covers and the pillows should be white.

White also does another great thing It makes up for the absence of say windows or large wall spaces.

Adding patterns to the white paint and different textures can add more personality if you don’t like entirety of  the white and white experience.

Keep your bed touching the wall or a corner space

Personally I feel in my safe zone when the bed’s against the wall. A wall or a corner space will grant you an area that certainly feels much more cozy. These are the days of cement build beds that are affixed in a single point and most architecture plans don’t allow deviations. But it’s better if you can buy an apartment that doesn’t have cement-made hollowed structures masquerading as beds.

Use the space below for storage

The bedroom should be spacious and to that end limit the furniture and other essentials to the minimum. Whenever possible hide the essentials under the bed so there’s more room. These additional storage spaces can be built under the bed by removing the reinforcements and transforming them to storage cabins

At the same time they blend well with the surroundings and just look merely like reinforcements under the bed and not storage space. Depending on the dimensions of the bed, this can add lots of space where you can shove away clutter for good.

Use mirrors

Mirrors have the ability to create illusions. In a bedroom they create the illusion that the room is bigger and spacious than it appears.

A good place to permanently affix those full body mirrors are the cupboards attached to the wall.


Use Wallpapers

Wallpapers were a funny old technique to lend some charm to a room. They are now in fashion again and look much better than they did in the 70s.

A bold colored wallpaper especially one that stands in contrast to the color scheme of the rest of the room can illuminate the room.

They don’t make the room look small if they’re added to a focal point like a headboard and in a contrasting color which is what we’re doing here.

Don’t forget to add a removable wallpaper to keep up with the times.

 Use the vertical space available

Floating Shelves are good idea not only to save space but creatively make the room even more enchanting.

Floating shelves utilize vertical space that’s so abundant but scarcely used.

It can function and replace an table, double up as a book-shelf. You can also use the space to stove away little vases, potted plants and as all modern homes do today house different knick knacks colorful vases and kites.


What do you think of these bedroom decor ideas? Do you find them lovely and inspiring?

Do these ideas inspire you to change your bedroom and add more color to it. Do let us know in the comments below. And have a grand time decorating the bedroom


Author bio: George Mathew is the chief editor at Sleepfunfitness a blog where he explores the relationship between sleep and stress, good sleeping techniques and enhancements to improve the quality of your sleep.