How to Create an Awesome Instagram Video About Interior Design

By Montgomery wallpaper, interior design, Curtains, curtain fabrics

If you’re a fan of interior design, Instagram is the social network for you. Instagram is the home of beauty; a cultivated space where everything is as stunning as it can be. There’s a strong interior design focus to the vast majority of accounts. In fact, the hashtag #interiordesign has over 40 million images in it, so you’re definitely going to be in good company!

Of course, it’s not just images that can capture your Instagram followers these days. The brand has innovated since its early beginnings as a photo-sharing app. You can now share videos showcasing your carefully-designed home to your dedicated followers. If you want to ensure your videos are as good as they can be, then read on…

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Step one: Decide where you are posting to

You have two options for sharing videos on Instagram:

  • Your main feed. Posts to your main feed should be as professional as possible.
  • Instagram stories. You can use the Stories for more relaxed, lighthearted videos that perhaps aren’t shot as carefully as videos on your main feed would be.

Step Two: The subject

You need to have a reason you’re posting a video. For example, you’re showing off a new addition to your overall decor, or you’re particularly proud of a recent renovation. Any kind of angle except “I wanted to post a video” will suffice; it helps to ground your video and give it purpose.

Step Three: Let there be light

No matter how beautiful your home is, if people can’t see it, they’re not going to want to watch your videos. Try and film your videos in natural rather than electrical light; your home will look so much better if you do.

Step Four: Think about the details

While you could film a silent video to showcase an element of your home, this isn’t exactly the most thrilling idea for your viewers. It’s therefore a good idea to think of how you’re going to narrate the video and add some detail. For example, rather than just showing a silent video of you walking around your newly-designed living room, you could narrate it. Describe how the floor was installed, why you chose the curtains, and how you’ve brought the colour scheme together. You don’t have to sound professional; lighthearted chat is fine. It’s often helpful to imagine a friend has visited you and has asked for more information on your design. Just explain things to your video viewers as you would to a friend in this scenario.

Step Five: keep it short

Finally, it’s important to keep your video short. Instagram is a lively, bustling app, and few of your followers will stay for the full available 60 seconds on your video. Keep your content short, simple, and to the point, and you’re far more likely to achieve the views and engagement you’re hoping for.

Final thoughts

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be able to produce the perfect Instagram interior design video first time. Don’t be disheartened if the initial response isn’t overwhelming. Keep trying to improve your technique and, in time, you’ll achieve the level of success you have been hoping for.