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Curtain Heading Information

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Curtain Heading Information

The heading is the top of the curtain which will be attached to the curtain track/pole.

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Pencil Heading

Suitable for curtain tracks and curtain poles

The material is gathered into uniform pleats to gain full impact. The back of the curtain is fitted with a 3" curtain tape. The curtain can then be attached onto a curtain track. The curtain is hung from one of the hook pocket position within the curtain tape as required and usually covers the track.

The curtains have draw cords at the back of the heading tape. Make sure each curtain is drawn to the correct width before hanging and make sure you tie one end.

When using a pole the curtain is hung from the top pocket of the tape to reveal the decorative pole.

One width of material ruched will reduce to approx half its original width.

Curtain hooks are not supplied

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Eyelet Heading

Suitable only for poles.

The drop measurement must be taken from the top of the pole and you must add an extra 3cm to this measurement as this will be the fabric allowance that will appear above the eyelet on the curtain.

This is a fixed tolerance and cannot be changed due to the manufacturing process.

This will then give you your overall drop of the curtain

window measuring guide

Pinch Pleat Heading

Suitable for curtain tracks and curtain poles

Made to exact track/pole measurements by means of sewn in decorative pleats in 5'' stiffened buckram to each pleat.

When attaching on to a curtain pole the pin hooks supplied are fixed half an inch beneath the top of the curtains to reveal the pole.

One width of material pleated covers approx 16 - 23inches of pole depending on the overall pole width.

Metal pin hooks are supplied.

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